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Echobuyer is free to post, search and join for all of our users!

Anyone can register and post listings. However, this is primarily a consumer-based platform. We will remove/ban anyone or any post that is spam, illegal, or violates our Terms of Service.

Steps: 1. Register,confirm via email and login. 2. Search and Join a similar buyer or post yourself. 3. You wait for the group to be formed. You can also connect to buyers who joined you via chat and decide which dealer you can go to. 4. Finally you go to a dealer on agreed date. 5. Negotiate. 6. Buy in bulk.

Our users' privacy is extremely important to us. Give out your contact information with caution and only to those who you deem are seriously interested in sharing a product. Meet in public for your discount. Never disclose your credit card or login information.

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